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  President Clinton honored at Irish Repertory Theatre’s 30th Annual Gala at Lincoln Center last week:June 21, 2019
"His peace-building efforts were instrumental in securing a lasting peace in Northern Ireland and we were honored that he and wife, Hillary, joined us to commemorate our 30th Anniversary Season” says Irish Rep producing director Ciaran O’Reilly.
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  Colum McCann,internationally bestselling authorJune 15, 2019
and the recipient of many international honors including an Oscar nomination From the novel Ulysses by James Joyce, McCann has adapted text into YES Reflections of Molly Bloom at the Irish Repertory Theatre, performed by Aedín Moloney (The Dead, 1904).
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  Mairtin O'Muilleoir, Sinn Féin MLA for South Belfast, Publisher, Entrepreneur and Civic Leader:June 8, 2019
The 10th Annual New York-New Belfast Conference takes place in NYC next week June 12-14,in various locations including The American Irish Historical Society and Pier A Harbor House,NY.
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  Irish Rep Theatre to honor President Bill Clinton at its Annual Fundraising Gala!June 2, 2019
Ciaran O’Reilly and Charlotte Moore, Founding Directors, Irish Repertory Theatre: 30th Anniversary Celebration, honoring President Bill Clinton for his role in the Peace Process in N.Ireland. The award will be presented onstage by Emmy Award-winner Alec Baldwin.
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  Rebecca Skedd, CEO, Solace House NYC:June 1, 2019
provides free confidential, therapeutic support for those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, bereavement by suicide, and, for those who engage in self-harming behaviors, with fully licensed Clinical Social Workers. Annual Solace Sunrise Walks are its main fundraising events.
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